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The Doula Element

Who are the experts?

“Experts” in infant feeding come storming into the media with their well versed opinions on how they think babies should be fed, by which means and how often, mostly without the evidence to support their well marketed techniques. Parents everywhere doubt their instincts, have a difficult time knowing who to Read more…

The Doula Element


Doula-ing. Being a doula. Working as a doula in Manchester, Cheshire and beyond. Being self employed as a doula in Manchester and beyond, I have worked with some amazing midwives in the past few years. Midwives who put their neck on the line in the name of informed choice. Midwives Read more…

The Doula Element

I Am Doula

Placenta Encapsulation Cheshire I Am Doula… Doula-ing is probably something I have done my whole life. In primary school I remember being the person who supported my friends in times of need. I would let my own work slack and catch up later to support somebody else. I have always Read more…