Doula in the birth room #Teamwork

8th April 2019 By The Doula Element

Are doulas working as lone wolves or as part of the pack? With almost 800 independent doulas who are members of Doula UK, and more across the UK who choose not to be members, there really is a doula for everyone. Professional and personalised doula support both during pregnancy and birth or the postnatal period […]

Who are the experts?

18th May 2018 By The Doula Element

“Experts” in infant feeding come storming into the media with their well versed opinions on how they think babies should be fed, by which means and how often, mostly without the evidence to support their well marketed techniques. Parents everywhere doubt their instincts, have a difficult time knowing who to go to and find their […]

Human Time Bomb: a cheeky lil’ poem

26th November 2017 By The Doula Element

I’ve been wasting some weekend hours browsing Facebook this evening and as I trawl through the hundreds of posts ranging from Sunday Lunch photos to the trending Black and White Image posts, this caught my eye – Human Time Bomb. Fellow placenta remedies specialist and Hypnobirth teacher Helen Wright is heading towards the end of her pregnancy and getting […]

One Autumnal Day with a Doula

2nd November 2017 By The Doula Element

A day in the life of a Doula. I wake at 5am to a text message from a new dad. “Placenta was in the cool bag within 12 minutes of arrival, all cooling instructions have been followed and it is safely on it’s way to our house ready to be made into smoothies.” I […]


17th October 2017 By The Doula Element

Doula-ing. Being a doula. Working as a doula in Manchester, Cheshire and beyond. Being self employed as a doula in Manchester and beyond, I have worked with some amazing midwives in the past few years. Midwives who put their neck on the line in the name of informed choice. Midwives who can work in the […]

Your baby’s latch is GREAT…..

29th July 2017 By The Doula Element

Is your breastfeeding latch great (or bottle if that’s your chosen method)? This is a little different to my usual blog musings. It’s a little close to heart for many of us working in the infant feeding realms you see, and we witness these things happen in our day to day work. Infant feeding is […]

I Am Doula

12th January 2017 By The Doula Element

Placenta Encapsulation Cheshire I Am Doula… Doula-ing is probably something I have done my whole life. In primary school I remember being the person who supported my friends in times of need. I would let my own work slack and catch up later to support somebody else. I have always been the one with a […]

Hands Off The Breast!

28th December 2016 By The Doula Element

#HandsOffTheBreast I had a six month old baby when I started breastfeeding peer support training. One of things I remember clearly, was feeling really baffled by the ‘hands off’ approach I was being taught to master. How can you teach anyone to breastfeed if you don’t show them exactly how to do it? As a […]

A day in the life of a doula

6th December 2016 By The Doula Element

A day in the life of a doula! This year I noted one of my days for a local network group. Here is a rough idea of what I might get upto as a doula, so hopefully you will get the jist My working days include various work related tasks. I have started to use […]