Breastfeeding Workshop


One to one, two-step interactive infant feeding workshop for parents who wish to prepare for baby’s arrival. 

This workshop includes an antenatal and postnatal session. 

Suitable for anyone wishing to explore breastfeeding or mixed feeding.

Evidence shows that support, education and information is beneficial to new parents in the antenatal period before baby arrives so mums, dads and their families are armed with the correct information for them to make informed decisions postnatally. Having an understanding during your pregnancy of breastfeeding and the things you might expect during your journey can put you in a great, confident position as a new mum. 

In the Breastfeeding Workshop you will:

  • Learn about the biological and practical aspects of breastfeeding

  • Discover how Positioning and Attachment works

  • Cover Breastfeeding Basics

  • Find out more about what to expect in the early days

  • Breast Milk: Expressing and Storage

  • Tips and tricks to overcome any issues in the early days and weeks

  • Postnatal session to troubleshoot any early days issues you may have